Luxury Foaming Shimmering Suger Scrub with Spoon


An Hanmade Cane Sugar body scrub infused with the finest Apricot Kernel Oil and Sweet Orange essential oil for an uplifting, soothing full body exfoliation. As the sweet sugar grains dissolve, your skin is left feeling flawless and enriched


Handmade in Devon, Vegan and Cruelty Free

Body Glow

  • For the body only- this scrub is medium- firm texture and is suitable for all skin types accept very sensitive.

    For an all over body scrub remove a teaspoon of scrub and mix with a little warm water between your hands. Spread the scrub, over your body rubbing vigorously and watching the foaming begin. Continue working over the body, adding a little more water until all the granules have completely dissolved, before rinsing.

    Make sure the to take extra care in the shower, as the oils can make the shower tray slippery.